Bite-Back Nov 2001

The supposedly protected waters around the Galapagos Islands are still heavily fished for sharks, swordfish etc, largely because every illegal fishing vessel arrested by the Park Rangers has then been released by the corrupt Ecuadorian navy. The Rangers invited the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to help, who were quick to expose this corruption. The navy's response was to attempt to expel the Ocean Warrior, the Sea Shepherd's flagship, from Ecuadorian waters and try to arrest and imprison crew members.

Ask the Ecuadorian government directly why the Navy is preventing a conservation vessel from aiding the National Park Service and helping it to protect what is left of this unique marine reserve:

The President, Senor Gustavo Noboa :despresi@presidencia.ec-gov.net The Ecuadorian Ambassador to Europe: embecua@bart.nl The Ecuadorian Minister of Foreign Affairs: gabminis@mmrree.gov.ec

As fish stocks decline due to over-fishing, there are increasing calls, particularly in Scotland, for a seal cull. If you agree that "To blame seals for the over-fishing of the sea is like blaming woodpeckers for chopping down the rainforest" then tell those demanding this slaughter directly:

Scottish MEP Struan Stevenson : ssteve@aol.com Highlands & Islands Minister (and minister of tourism!) Alistair Morrison):Alasdair.Morrison.msp@scottish.parliament.uk And the man who would decide: Scottish First Minister, Henry McLeish: scottish.ministers@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

John Nightingale